$20M HNT Tokens Misallocated By Binance🚨

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Events Under the Spotlight 🔎

A vulnerability was found in Ethereum vanity address tool

  • The 1inch Network disclosed a vulnerability that some of their contributors had found in Profanity, a tool used to create "vanity" wallet addresses by Ethereum users.
  • In June 2022, a 1inch contributor received a strange message from @samczsun regarding the suspicious activity of one of the 1inch deployer wallets, as well as Synthetix’ and some others:

At least 5 deployers of different projects claimed the same airdrop:

YettyWapp 🦇🔊 @YettyWapp

There seems to something funky going on with the $FORTA airdrop. We can assume there is a personal connection between the wallets or shared private key from the deployers claiming below and the address the tokens are transfered too… All transactions: etherscan.io/token/0x41545f…

BAYC 8941 fell for a Scam

BAYC 8941 was scammed and then scammers changed their OpenSea pfp to the AP watch from my HZ/Chase thread.

The scammer looks similar to the one who stole 1 BAYC & 4 Otherdeeds three weeks ago from 0xMystic.

Helium Network’s native HNT token hit by an accounting bug at Binance

  • Binance is down some 4.8 million HNT tokens that were erroneously disbursed to users, many of whom quickly sold the tokens for profit, the people said.
  • At Friday’s prices those assets were worth about $19 million.
  • The erroneous payouts appear to stem from how Binance tracks token deposits from Helium network, a popular decentralized internet connectivity project, the people said.

Attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Dogechain

According to a tweet from @0xCrumbs, Dogechain was compromised, and the hackers used the flaw to generate 9.7 million $Doge (about $600,000) and send $316,000 over a cross-chain bridge.

Before Merge, Vitalik lookalikes boost their ETH phishing campaigns

  • Scammers were actively utilising verified Twitter accounts to impersonate Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and defraud investors as a result of the hype around the Merge.
  • Hopefully, some researchers took a closer look and identified that about $90k siphoned off on the day of the Merge.

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