Gnosis Guild DAO Proposal Attack Analysis| QuillAudits


About Gnosis Guild

Vulnerability Analysis & Impact:

What is DAO and How does it function?

On-Chain Analysis:

The Attack:

  1. First, the attacker withdrew 0.1 ETH from aztecnetwork which is privacy-centric zkRollup.

More Attacks:

  1. 0xc05e9626310c6ca3369b6ef5fbd14dcaac4e7a70
  2. 0xa7456392eb978a756264d54968f55baf227fcbcf
  3. 0x4baef16ed74f40ce75c36ca458a88b42c06510ea
  4. 0xeddd59e44b2c79ca8fa361dd4d7b9fd6c169182c
  5. 0x0aae9c4aa2de971c4729cf53bfe82cc4256fef53
  6. 0x8215b53c8a1d54261d617e36a3751d9922f3c7b3

Status of Funds:

Web3 security- Need of the hour

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