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Events Under the Spotlight💥

  • The sheepFarm project has sustained a $72,000 loss BNB chain due to a vulnerability assault.
  • The register function of the SheepFarm contract was called many times. As a result, the attacker will continually utilise the register method to get diamonds.
  • The attacker used the upgradeVillage method to consume stones while accumulating the yield attribute.
  • Finally, the attacker used the sellVillage technique to convert the yield to money before withdrawing it.

The Ranger project has made a profit of about $77,000 from an exit scam

  • The Ranger project on the BSC chain was an exit scam, and the Ranger token sank by 95%.
  • The contract deployer profited $77,000 by sending tokens to an external address.
  • Token Contract Address : 0xc9efd09c8170e5ce43219967a0564a9b610e5ea2

Over $4 million was drained from DeFiAI

  • The DeFiAI contract was compromised.
  • The entire amount of money taken appears to be roughly $4.17 million.
  • Stolen funds have been transferred to @fixedfloat and @MEXC Global.

Flare token rug pulls or is exploited for $17 million

  • Insiders or exploiters stole 3.9 billion $FLARE from the Flare project
  • After the exploit, they exchanged it for slightly less than $17 million via TornadoCash.

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