QuillAudits Joins Scalar DAO To Reinforce Smart Contract Security In DAO Development

QuillAudits unites with Scalar DAO as a key contributor in providing security through Smart contract audits and Tech integrations for DAO development.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Scalar DAO in strengthening security and driving the evolution of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This partnership empowers us to contribute our expertise in smart contract audits to Scalar DAO’s initiatives, fortifying the ever-evolving landscape of DAO projects.

Team Scalar says, “We are very excited to have QuillAudits as a contributor to Scalar DAO. Their unwavering commitment & contribution to the security of the web3 space have been inspirational. Their extensive expertise in securing smart contracts and DeFi overall will be a great value add in the Scalar DAO’s pursuit of full decentralization of the organization and empowering the Defi community in multiple ways.”

Preetam Rao, Co-Founder & CEO, QuillAudits says, “QuillAudits is enthusiastic about partnering with Scalar DAO, as their expertise will contribute substantial value to the Quill & the DAO ecosystem by fortifying the security apparatus and encourage innovation in the DeFi space.”

Reflecting On The Benefits Of This Collaboration

The QuillAudits-Scalar DAO partnership is rooted in the shared vision of a secure and decentralized future.

  • Shielding against vulnerabilities that threaten the integrity of smart contracts through enhanced smart contract audits.
  • Extending our expertise in blockchain technology to provide invaluable insights for DAO development
  • Contribute to proposals that can shape the technological landscape of DAOs.
  • Exchanging synergies to foster collaborative innovation

We are immensely pleased to be a pivotal contributor to Scalar DAO’s esteemed framework.

About QuillAudits

QuillAudits is a leading smart contract audit firm committed to secure Blockchain projects with cutting-edge Web3 security solutions. QuillAudits is well-equipped with tools and expertise to provide cybersecurity solutions saving the loss of millions in funds. With over 850 Audits completed for Web3 projects, QuillAudits has undergone more than 800K lines of code and secured over $16 Billion in funds.

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About Scalar DAO

Scalar DAO is a Open-Source, Cross-Chain Leverage Protocol democratizing margin trading. It leverages blockchain for transparency, security, and efficiency. Operating across multiple blockchains, Scalar DAO connects users to diverse assets and markets. It is open-source and has decentralized decision-making, thus promoting innovation & shaping the protocol’s future. Scalar DAO aims to pioneer DeFi adoption and revolutionize the leveraged financial markets in DeFi.

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